Bespoke yoga adventures

Well what a lot of fun we’ve had over the last five years. Thank you to all the amazing clients who have  supported and shared in my Yoga Adventures.

Three trips to Cuba:

This is what clients said about the  Cuba Yoga and Salsa Adventure

‘It was a brilliant adventure. I’ve never packed so much into a holiday and enjoyed myself so much. Can’t wait for the next one.” Angela S

‘The yoga was excellent. Practising on the rooftop of the Plaza Hotel [see pic above] with a view of Old Havana is a great memory for me.’

Three trips to the Czech Republic:

And everyone loved the  Czech Yoga and Spa Adventure.

‘The hotel was comfy, warm and clean, the park outside was lovely, as were the bike rides. I enjoyed the mix of energetic and relaxed yoga and I loved the chat, beer and laughter’ Andy P

‘I had a great time at your yoga weekend, a great bunch of people, a lovely hotel and the treatments were scrumptious, also we were so off the beaten track. I really felt the benefits of the yoga and I am determined to practice more regularly from now on’ Rita M

Three trips to The Isle of Wight:

Here is what clients said about the Airstream Yoga Adventure:

‘Excellent. A wonderful yoga weekend full of laughter, movement and relaxation. I learnt lots and loved the pace and general tone of the yoga. I especially loved the outdoor sessions’ Topsy T

‘It was great to get more explanation and slower instructions on the yoga practices and the lovely long relaxations were fantastic. I loved the sense of calm and well-being I experienced afterwards’. Lindsey M

Isle of Wight
Czech Republic